The Interchange Plus Program from AMS provides our merchants with a non-ambiguous, easy to understand method of credit card transaction processing. Interchange Plus or “pass through pricing” as it is often referred to, is the most transparent form of pricing for you, the merchant.

Our experience has taught us that merchants are constantly shopping for the best discount rates, moving from processor to processor, without a real understanding of how the Visa/MasterCard Interchange System works and exactly how many different interchange categories exist today.

Interchange Defined

The process by which all parties involved in a credit card transaction (i.e., processors, acquirers, issuers and so on) manage the processing, clearing and settlement of credit card transactions, including the assessment, and collection and/or distribution of fees between parties.

Did you know that many factors affect the interchange rate you pay? Factors range from the way customers make a purchase and how your point-of-sale (POS) terminal is configured, to how quickly you send your transactions for settlement. Depending on the factors in play in your business and for any specific transaction, you can pay the best rate or face a
downgrade to a higher rate. 

Who Benefits

Merchants who use dial-up, ISDN, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), wireless, or Internet-based electronic authorization and draft capture systems that interface to point-of-sale (POS), accounting, order entry, or Web site solutions. Typically, higher volume merchants that are seeking a single source for their electronic payment solutions to ensure compatibility across operating platforms and want to leverage their software investments to reduce fraud and minimize processing costs get the most benefit.

AMS’s electronic payment systems enable merchants to make more sales to a wider customer base with the speed and security demanded by the marketplace.

A Well Informed Merchant


Do you know what you are paying for credit card transaction processing? Of course, you review the statements from your payment processor and tally the fees from those reports. But do those fees tell the whole story? Are they the fees you expected to pay? Do they make sense and are they calculated as they should be?

AMS provides our merchants with an easy to audit, monthly statement that reflects your actual service usage and charges.

No Hidden Fees, No Surprises 

The most important thing to remember as a merchant considering our Interchange Plus Program is you will know the exact processing costs and charges for the service. We focus on long-term business relationships and programs that serve our customers best interests and profitability. 

Interchange Plus is an established program that was initially developed for those merchants who had very high annual volumes of credit card activity, however all types of businesses can benefit. Our goal is to work with your business so you can extend your markets and grow your business.