AMS is pleased to announce a recent enhancement to our downgrade monitoring program. Every week we'll monitor our customers transaction summaries for recurring downgrades. AMS will notify our customers when a downgrade occurs more than 5 instances during the course of the week.

Our goal is to help you reduce or eliminate extra expenses when possible which in some cases can amount to a significant amount of your card acceptance costs. Transactions that do not fit a particular interchange criteria will downgrade. Although the term “downgrade” sounds favorable in its context, it actually means higher interchange fees for you.

A transaction downgrade is where the transaction fails to meet specific criteria, and a different interchange fee is applied to the transaction. Think of downgrading as a result of risk in card processing. Those transactions that pose the lowest risk will fully achieve the best interchange rates.  For example, if a consumer credit/debit card is swiped successfully via a credit card terminal and batched out the same day will achieve the lowest rate.

As "experts in electronic payments," AMS can help. Our representatives will take the time to review your downgrades with you minimize them and gain control over your monthly costs.