Take advantage of special rate incentive programs today.

AMS has particular expertise assisting agencies with planning and implementing enterprise wide solutions that best leverage existing technology investments while minimizing  costs through automation.



The Emerging Market Program is available for the following business types:


• Government • Utilities
• Education • Child Care

• Charities

• Insurance
• Fuel Dealers • Telecom


It is important that government entities understand the impact of "not" processing transactions in compliance with the Interchange Qualification Rules.


Countless dollars are wasted each month by government agencies because their bank card service provider didn't keep them current on the ever-changing card association rules and/or special incentive rates now available for some government transactions.


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AMS is your solutions provider of choice for government entities who accept or want to accept electronic payments for the goods and services provided to their citizens. We have particular expertise assisting state and local governments with planning and implementing enterprise wide solutions to automate payment processing.


AMS is focused on making sure that your agency or business qualifies for these discounts and that 100% of the projected savings are passed on to your organization.


We accomplish this by understanding the correct way to setup your merchant account and offering very competitive Interchange Pass-Through (IPT) pricing.


The credit card industry created a special Emerging Market Program for non-traditional credit card acceptors such as government, utilities, and higher education in order to significantly reduce the fees that they currently pay for "Card Not Present" credit and debit card payments.


The Emerging Market Program is available for select merchants and the average cost reduction for merchants that qualify for this program is nearly 50 basis points (.50%) lower than a traditional "Card Not Present" transaction, with even greater incentives available for utility merchants who qualify for the flat rate Visa Utility Program.


These special incentive Interchange rates are available whether the transaction is swiped, keyed or processed online and offers a huge benefit for companies currently accepting a high volume of payments by mail, phone or internet.