Flexible cloud-based IVR platform provides quick deployment.

Delivering an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Credit Card Payment Gateway that automates the processing of credit card payments over the phone while meeting the Payment Card Security (PCI) requirements.

In today’s competitive business world, organizations large and small are continually looking for new ways to optimize costs and efficiency. From retail to government – regardless of industry or business function, all can benefit from the power of Integrated Voice Response (IVR) solutions.


Our hosted IVR Credit Card Payment Gateway helps businesses and government agencies automate the processing of credit card payments over the phone while meeting the Payment Card Industry (PCI) security requirements.


In today's mobile device driven culture, many customers prefer to make payments via telephone providing convenience and another payment option at home, in the office or on the go. Merchants can accept customer payments through an easy, automated system without burdening their agents.

Our fully hosted solution requires no investment in hardware, software, upgrades or additional resources, helping you realize an immediate return on investment. Some of the key features are:


Seamless, plug-in technology
Entirely transacted on secure servers
Pay by Phone: Accept, verify, process and manage card-not-present transactions in   real-time
   - All major credit cards
   - Debit cards
   - Electronic check processing (ACH)
Transaction confirmation number delivered to purchaser during the call
Real-time, 24/7 reporting on account activity



Deploys quickly and easily


• Maximizes productivity and efficiency


Improves customer satisfaction


Generates immediate ROI


Increases Cash Flow


• Transacted on secure servers


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