Analyze customer and transaction data across payment channels.

An extensive set of reports are produced in real time within the payConcierge Biller Console and can be produced using a variety of report parameters.


Here are just some of the reports that are available:

Enrollment Report 

ACH Transaction Report

Credit Card Transaction Report

Credit Card Expiry Report  

Account Activity Report

Notification of Change Report
Failed Payment Report
CSR Activity Report
Automatic Payment Report



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Online report access is available through the PayConcierge Biller Console. Our online reports can be generated in real‐time for a specific date range as often as you prefer. All reports are viewed in a visually rich HTML format with download capability to PDF and CSV.The browser‐based application allows authorized employees to run reports 24/7.


Easy access to standard reports is a key competitive advantage of the PayConcierge platform. With a large library of standard reports, and a very easy to use interface reports can be easily queried based upon your specific needs. All of our reports run in “real-time” so the information is constantly up-to-date.


Reporting is a great tool for transaction analytics but always having the correct tools on hand can greatly reduce the length of a call for your CSR's and also empower them to provide the best care for your customers.