Connect to consumers who access their bills through their banks.

Distribute your bills electronically to customers who prefer to manage bills with their financial institutions' online bill pay services with PayConcierge eBill Distribution.


Paper Suppression – Saves businesses money on printing, mailing and processing customer payments


Open Network – Allows biller or consolidators, from various industries and asset sizes, to participate


Multiple Endpoints – Provides access to millions of customers connected to one secure network


Customizable Messaging – Offers an opportunity for your organization’s brand and likeness to reach a targeted audience


Cost Reduction – Billers can experience significant savings, especially as postal delivery fees continue to rise.


Customer Self-Service – Customers can answer their own questions about their account and invoices without contacting a CSR.



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PayConcierge's eBill Distribution helps deliver bills electronically beyond your website to where consumers may prefer to make payments such as their home banking site. It allows businesses and government agencies to reach all of their customers wherever they choose to pay their bills. Billers gain great flexibility and yet another payment channel.


Organizations will be able to send eBills to customers while they are logged into their financial institution’s online banking portal. PayConcierge offers a flexible interface to automatically receive eBills in a number of convenient formats that work within the online bill payment solutions offered to financial institutions.


How it Works




Presentment Payment

Billers sign an agreement to join the eBill Distribution Services Network.

PayConcierge sends daily reports updating billers on new customer requests for eBills.


With one keystroke, customers can pay their eBill or schedule recurring payment.

Customers enroll in eBills through their online banking portal.

Customers are alerted, through online bill pay, when an eBill is ready to be paid.



Take advantage of PayConcierge's eBill Distribution and give your customers a paperless round trip to making payments.