Quickly and easily process payments using other processors.

Seamless integration matches the same QuickBooks® payment process that your accustomed to using today. As a merchant you're no longer limited to a single, proprietary payment processor or pricing option.



Create a Sales Receipt using QuickBooks POS

Press the ‘Credit’ or ‘Debit’ button and select the credit card type

Swipe or enter credit card information

Press the ‘Process’ button

Unlimited network vulnerability scans

Payment information is automatically applied to your QuickBooks® transaction


PaymentCollect provides with you flexibility and robust functionality to simplify your day-to-day processing needs.Fast installation, setup, training
and support will get you up and running quickly!


PCI Compliant Payment Solution


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PaymentCollect™ is a powerful Add-on that allows merchants to quickly and easily process payments using other processors of your choice for Quickbooks POS.


PaymentCollect’s breakthrough technology
plugs into QuickBooks for POS with simple and
seamless processing of credit cards and gift
cards to match your current QuickBooks experience. Transactions are posted to QuickBooks automatically and real-time, double entry is eliminated and end of day uploads to QuickBooks becomes unnecessary.


• Fully integrated into QuickBooks® POS

• Save money by working with other processors

• Swipe card reader support

• PCI compliant

• Assistance with the software installation, configuration and training


It’s simplicity and parallel experience with native QuickBooks gains “WOWs”
from QuickBooks users.