Data can be viewed online, sent via email and downloaded.

AMS provides a comprehensive suite of online query and reporting services that provide merchants with Internet-based access to transaction data.


Access transaction and batch information within minutes of the completed transmission

Create customized reporting


Securely download data and reports in various formats

Authorization log, batch and payment type summary

Historical data available for previous 13 months

Drill down capability for transaction details


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With AMS's online reporting system, a wide variety of reports are available in multiple formats, frequencies, and distribution channels that can be downloaded to Excel, printed in PDF format, or e-mailed to a designated recipient or recipients as needed. Merchants will have instant access to the data and reports that are most desired. Password-protection always assures the data is secure. Some of the system capabilities include:


Authorization and Capture — Provides merchants with access to both real-time and up to 13 months of historical information about transactions processed through TSYS Acquiring Solutions Authorization and Capture system. Data from most other processors can be accepted. Merchants have access to their own summary, daily detail, and query information by specific transaction for query and reporting, enabling them to manage transaction status real-time.

Clearing and Settlement — Provides merchants access to previous-day transactions settled through TSYS’s Merchant Accounting System (MAS). Merchants have access to transaction totals and detail for all posted, non-posted, and deposited transactions (ACH). Transaction totals and details for interchange, chargeback’s, and adjustments are also available. TSYS Acquiring Solutions’ e-Connections Clearing and Settlement offers standard and custom reports in daily, weekly, and monthly formats, as well as monthly merchant billing statements.