Tyler clients can benefit greatly from our gateway partnership.

The biggest benefit of a single integrated solution is providing a better customer experience while streamlining reconciliation for all payments. No more dual entries or redirects to 3rd party websites.

Our Tyler customers experience a variety of advantages when they choose Automated Merchant Systems, Inc. as their merchant services provider of choice. Our partnership with Bridgepay Network Solutions, LLC provides a business synergy that gives you state-of-the-art payment processing. Here are just a few of the advantages you'll enjoy.


No additional paperwork or contracts required for our clients.
Data security through state-of-the-art P2PE encryption at the point of interaction.
Customizable hosted payment page.
Significantly reduce PCI Scope for merchants.
Complete removal of credit card data from networks by using tokenization.
Diverse connectivity to connect to all major processors.
Preferred pricing. EMV solutions.



An all-in-one, highly secure EMV middleware that integrates into the POS transaction process. PayGuardian brings the POS an EMV enabled payment module removing the POS from the scope of PCI. Written in Java, PayGuardian works with all operating systems, including browser-based, iOS, and Android. PayGuardian’s payment module drives the POS’s acceptance of EMV transactions, NFC and mag swipe through the BridgePay Gateway to your processor (AMS).

The BridgePay Gateway is our one-to-many transactional gateway providing access to all major credit and debit card processors, ACH companies, and Gift and Loyalty providers with a single integration.

EMV enabled

Secure Payments


PCI Payment Application Certified


Multiple Payment Types


Customizable Payment Module


Platform Agnostic

Access to all Major US Processors



EMV, NFC and PA-DSS solution all-in-
one product


EMV is on the forefront of all point-of-sale providers’ minds and merchants alike.
For those of you contemplating your EMV strategy, PayGuardian could very well be
a key component of that strategy. PayGuardian offers merchants an out-of- scope PA-DSS solution while adding the important EMV component.


• Integrates into the transaction
process by handling the collection and transmission of sensitive payment information


• Offloads a significant amount of PCI responsibility from your agency as
Card associations move to stricter