Erie Water Works Successfully Moves from Click2Gov to AMS/Invoice Cloud Solutions for IVR, Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP), and Pay-by-Text

Erie Water Works provides drinking and fire hydrant water for the City of Erie, the fourth-largest city in the state of Pennsylvania. Today, millions of people visit Erie over the summer months for the wonderful State Parks and the popularly chosen attraction, Waldameer Park.

As a long-time NaviLine customer, Erie Water Works has been happy with their ERP solution provider, CentralSquare Technologies. As part of its plan to modernize, however, the Water Works felt that their current Click2Gov solution was not user friendly and did not have many of the AMS/Invoice Cloud features that they felt would greatly benefit their citizens.

The Water Works looked at a few competitors of AMS/Invoice Cloud’s EBPP but noted that the competitors’ cost was “astronomical”. In retrospect, Ron Loader (Senior Manager of Customer Service and Meters) and Rick Kerr (Manager of Information Technology Services) found that the AMS/Invoice Cloud solution was very helpful in “pushing customers to the electronic world”.

Kerr said, “Just the fact that the customer can pay with their telephone meant that it was going to be easier for customers to make payments”. According to him, “The Click2Gov interface was cumbersome and wasn’t as user friendly and also didn’t have the same power that is provided by the AMS/Invoice Cloud solution.”

With AMS/Invoice Cloud’s feature-robust system, Erie Water Works said, “the new Customer Portal System has allowed customers to gain more features including a mobile-friendly customer portal, email and/or text reminders, the option to schedule payments for a future date, and the ability to pay-by-text”. The Pay-by-Text feature is used personally by Kerr and he noted “It is an upgrade from Click2Gov and is working well”.  The Erie Water Works customers have also transitioned well to using AMS/Invoice Cloud’s abundance of options, such as e-billing.