Significantly Increase Your e-Payment Adoption Rates

Improve communications with payers and achieve unprecedented e-adoption rates by offering a comprehensive, automated email communication platform with PayConcierge. Our all-in-one solution provides 27 e-mail templates that can be branded by your organization. Emails can be sent to your customers automatically based on certain trigger events that you set up.

When a new invoice is uploaded to PayConcierge and the customer has an email address on file, a ‘1st reminder’ email will be sent to the customer.Your customers can access the invoice or make a payment directly from the email by clicking on the ‘View Invoice' or 'Pay Now’ button. Even the most ardent customers forget to pay a bill occasionally or misplace it. Our Customer Communications Engine e-mail notifications are designed to drive payments, generate positive customer, activity and automate payer/biller communications.

The electronic bill is delivered to the customer via email, which they can pay immediately or save for a later date. Utilizing our eBilling capability can dramatically reduce costs associated with traditional mailings and also drives paperless adoption

Email communications are easy to customize and can be changed by the biller any time

  • Three e-mail reminders per bill (crucial for driving e-adoption and paperless percentages —online payments and paperless billing)
  • Paperless billing reminders are sent to any customer making an online payment, even when they don't register
  • Payment confirmation receipt
  • Auto-Pay/Scheduled payment reminder
  • Payment Card expiration notification to allow card information to be updated proactively